Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chicago - New York - Conecticut

I arrived! I made it on public transportation. Does a taxi cab count?

Chicago was cold! Connecticut is colder! I am here is Bridgeport, CT, downtown. It doesn't look like that nice of an area, but it is hard to tell at night.

Grand Central Station was CRAZY! For some strange reason, many, many people were dressed up like Santa. This must be something! But the energy in that building is quite amazing. I had to stop and breathe a bit, being a California girl and all. I made it; asked when I needed and then just looked for signs.

I am feeling proud of myself, but a bit lonely. This will be my challenge.


  1. hey liz, you made it! congratulations. that's a lot of "bus fares" to overcome....lots of people dressed like Santa? oh, i love new york. where else would that happen? did you also notice in connecticut that EVERYONE is REALLY into decorating the outside of their houses for the holidays?

    i had often wondered who was it that bought those gigantic, blow up pumpkins, turkeys, reindeer, elves, easter bunnies, candy canes, christmas's the people of connecticut!

  2. Its Erica,

    its called Santacon or Santarchy! its basically a bar crawl were people dress up as santa and run around the city.
    it started in san francisco in the 1990s and now its all over the US (even the world, i think it happens in new Zealand too)
    it happened in San Francisco yesterday too. its so funny to see all these people dressed as santa. i hope you were entertained by it as well! be safe and have fun!
    and congrats on doing public transport!

  3. Thanks Erica. I thought you would know. It did seem like every santa was under 30!

  4. Linda - Yes, lots of "bus fares," literally. It does feel more like Christmas time here than in California, maybe the decorations, maybe the weather.

  5. I love that the guy in the photo is laughing! :) See it?

    My roommate is from Conn, and he said Bridgeport isn't very nice :(. Oh well! It's temporary.

    Hope your having fun!

    - Cammie

  6. Cammie, You would notice some random guy laughing!