Monday, December 12, 2011

Mayfair Hotel - NYC

I am in love with my hotel!

I took the train to Grand Central Station. Again, an amazing place. I walked about 10 blocks to my hotel (plus 5 blocks the wrong way initially). I walked up 5th avenue, by Rockefeller Center, past 30 Rock (I thought of you, Erica). Then as I continued where my GPS told me, it got seedier and seedier. I then came upon a hole in the wall with an awning that said "Mayfair." I was a bit nervous, but I was paying $170/night so it couldn't be an hourly rental. As I opened the door it felt like a trip back in time: wood panelling, narrow rooms, small elevator. I check into room 514. As I opened the door all I could think of was, "I am so happy." Here are a couple pictures.

It is about 8 by 10 and overwhelming decorated in this red and white print (it must have a name as have seen it many times). There are three windows which all look out to a brick wall about 2 feet away. It is very dark.

Well. I wanted to post before I went exploring. I am eating will come first.

So cozy.


  1. its called toile
    i'm glad you like your hotel! it will be really nice to have somewhere you are comfortable to come home to after exploration


  2. Erica, you are your trivial pursuit type knowledge.

  3. ooh, erica, i am amazed that you knew the name of that print.

    liz, how fun for you. any creepy guys operating one of the elevators with folding metal fence? that is one thing that i recall about the east coast...a lot of the facilities would not pass OSHA inspections.

  4. No elevator man! but some interesting types hanging in the lobby.