Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This is a fantastic museum. So many famous artists and such a variety. It is huge too. Walked around for about 4 hours. My back hurt some, so I sat and people watched too. There is something about art that expresses emotion in a way I don't use much. I am a fairly emotional person (ok, I am a really emotional person - some say dramatic), but I live in a cognitive/intellectual world. I can see I need more art and artist expression. I have uploaded some of the art I saw today, and a piece I did a while back. Can you tell which is mine? :) the other thing I see in the art is the full range of emotion, from sad to mad to happy. This is one of the only places where all emotion is acceptable. I like that.

Some other random thought:

- I have a hard time deciding what to eat. I think this has always been the case, but I blamed it on others. I want to choose the best thing: most nutritious, best tasting, just the right amount (because I eat all I am served). I find that this standard is so hard to achieve and I am mostly disappointed and frustrated that I wasted these calories on something not quite right. Well, something else strange about me.

- I am so glad I am not driving in NYC. It is impossible. I even feel sorry for cab drivers.

- Twice today as I was walking there was a bunch of NYPD concentrated around one block with lots of people standing around. I wonder what these events are.

Off to a basketball game in an hour or so. Subway to Brooklyn.....Yikes! new public transportation obsession is beginning. Why can't I remember I have navigated this kind of thing before?

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